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Corporations Supporting Trees

Northern Virginia's five year regional native tree campaign presents an opportunity for corporations to reach their own goals for climate and stormwater mitigation and to help their communities to do the same on public and private land.

On your campus

  • Beautify and cool your grounds by adding native trees

  • Maximize habitat value with native shrubs and ground layers

  • Remove invasive non-native plants from your landscaping

  • Rescue trees from non-native invasive vines

    • Volunteers are available to help your groundskeepers distinguish native from invasives vines

  • Use signage and other media to educate employees and customers

Do you lease your property? Work with your property manager!  Reach out to the C-suite of the other tenants. Start a “Save the Trees” club in the building to build support from employees.

In your community

We have resources to help you

Contact us at

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