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Smaller trees and shrubs for smaller spaces

Before you read further... are you sure you don't have room? Read this article on
The "Big Tree" Myth

Not every yard has room for another canopy tree, but nearly anyone with a bit of outdoor space can find room for a small native tree or shrub. Many of our familiar understory trees, like redbuds and dogwoods, are well adapted to smaller spaces.

A shrub is essentially a small, multi-stemmed tree. Native shrubs have all the benefits of native trees, just on a smaller scale. Some even grow well in pots.

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Native Trees     Native Shrubs

Photos, planting conditions, etc.

Printable lists

of Northern Virginia

native trees and shrubs

(Just those that are for sale. There are many others in the wild!)


Lowbush Blueberry

Easy small trees/large shrubs

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Easy shorter shrubs


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