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Free or low-cost plants and services

State code prevents jurisdictions from providing goods and services directly to private landowners, so these usually go through intermediaries (e.g. EcoAction Arlington, Fairfax ReLeaf)

Jurisdictions can provide services directly to common interest properties.

Soil and Water Districts and Virginia Department of Forestry do not have this restriction.

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Free Trees

Free native tree seedlings

Contact Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie and her colleagues pot up small seedlings to give away in Northern Virginia.

Pre-arrange pickup by email.

Pickup location:

Saturday 8am - 12pm

Manassas Farmer's Market - 

Green Steeze spot 71 (2nd row to the rear of the market)

9024 Prince William St, Manassas, VA 20110

If you would like to dig some up for this purpose, she may be able to find homes for them. See this video for instructions on how to dig them up.

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Fairfax ReLeaf seedling distribution and planting Contact Taylor Beach, 703-324-1409


Seedling giveaways to students in the Dominion Power catchment area

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Tree Preservation and Planting Fund

Tree planting grants available for planting on any land officially designated as open common space, including schools, HOAs, condo associations, faith communities in Fairfax County. You do not need to be a 501c3. The grant pays for everything including watering, but it is a reimbursement grant - you have to pay yourself up front.

Low Cost Trees

Wholesale nurseries that will provide trees at wholesale prices to groups doing plantings on community property

White House Natives

Contact Matt Deivert

Owl Run Nursery

Contact Michael LaPorte

(Not all the trees are native. Check here to see if a species is native to Virginia.)

McLean Tree Foundation.png

McLean Tree Foundation $50 larger caliper tree planting:

Free services
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