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Fall color

Designing for color in our landscapes is about more than just the flowers. And fall color is about more than just the foliage.


If bright fall foliage is what you are after, select your tree in October. Native trees are not clones - they have as much variability as people do. The photos below will give you a good idea about that variability within species. (Actually, cultivars are in fact clones, bred for consistency. But for best resilience and the most benefit to our ecosystem, try to buy seed-propagated plants whenever possible.)

Leaf color can be influenced by weather and by sun exposure. Red colors are more likely to come out in sunny locations.

Click to open the photo galleries below and see the plant names.

IMG_2442 (2).JPG



Perennials, ferns, vines, grasses
For details, see the Plant NOVA Natives website

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