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Community association tree rescues

Why are native trees important to your community?

Native trees and woods add value

  • ​Higher property values

  • Beauty

  • Cooling shade

  • Lower air conditioning costs

  • Wind breaks

  • Stormwater and erosion control

  • Reduced risk of asthma

  • Support for songbirds

Dying trees are expensive

  • ​Potential hazards

  • Costly removals

Our native trees face many threats in Northern Virginia.

From humans

  • New development and redevelopment

  • Road projects and other public projects

  • Poor pruning practices

  • Poor planting practices

  • Mulch piled around the base

  • Injuries from mowers and string trimmers

  • Soil compaction from vehicles and heavy equipment

  • Road salt

  • Unnecessary tree removals

  • Heat island effect

  • Lack of preventative care

From "nature" (much of it human caused)

  • Non-native pests and diseases

  • Non-native vines that strangle or smother

  • Non-native trees that displace the natives

  • Rising temperatures and changing rain patterns

dogwood fall color.jpg
Sycamore felled by English Ivy.jpg

Healthy Sycamore felled by English Ivy - on the power line


What can your community do?


  • Use community newsletters,, local social media groups to push out your articles or those of Plant NOVA Trees

  • Address concerns about hazardous trees

  • Encourage people to save work on raking by leaving leaves in place

  • Conduct walking tours of notable native trees in the neighborhood

  • Put on other fun events

  • Label the native trees

  • Encourage neighbors to control English Ivy (Choking Hazard initiative)

Work together

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