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Kids and Families

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Lots of ideas are out there for helping children appreciate and learn about native trees and the many benefits they bring to us and to wildlife.

  • Plant a tree with the child to grow as they do.

  • Have the child adopt a native tree that is already growing. Sit under it, get to know it, name it, write poems about it or letters to it.

  • Encourage the child to volunteer to spread the good news about native trees. Many of the ideas on our Volunteer page are suitable for children. Children want to make a difference in the world, and this is a practical way to do that.

  • Participate in City Nature Challenge in the spring, perhaps with mini challenges between neighborhoods, classes or schools.

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Become a Tree Rescuer: 


Survey your neighborhood for trees that are at risk from invasive vines and drop off a brochure for the landowner. This is meaningful work in which children and adults alike can make a real difference.

Tree identification

Resources for teachers

  • Project Learning Tree is a national curriculum on tree, which can be used for professional development credits

  • A great book for teachers is Plantwise, put out by the Ontario naturalists

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