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Helping financially with plantings/tree rescues

 Five trees will be planted in your recipient’s name; all the money will go to Plant NOVA Natives.

Donate a Tree in a Fairfax County Park

Donate for tree plantings in the City of Alexandria

  • Tree canopy fund: donors can give any amount to a general pot of money that is used to plant trees throughout Alexandria. This is the most efficient means of supporting tree canopy because it allows the parks to flexibly apply resources where expertise and data show they will have the most impact. 

  • 'Parknership' program - Larger donors can work with City staff to do a substantial planting at specific parks. They are going to have updated canopy analysis data soon to help identify parks with the greatest need from an equity standpoint. 

We do everything we can for free with volunteer help, but we do need money for brochures, tree tags, the website, ads, etc. Almost all our funding comes from donations. The more we get, the more people we can reach.

Rescue trees in VDOT easements

Communities may be able to pay an invasives removal company to manage tree-killing vines within roadside easements. VDOT will consider these requests on a case-by-case basis. Requests are coordinated through the Residency office and will be formalized with a Land use Permit. Volunteers would need to comply with safety requirements (safety vest, hard hat. etc. and if pesticides were to be used or tree work done, there would be requirements such as ISA certified Arborist, Certified Pesticide applicator, etc).


Rescue trees in the parks!

Our park services do not have the funds to control all the invasive plants on park property. We are working with them on their "wish lists" for parks where mature trees could be rescued with professional management. Please consider sending them donations. See the bottom of this page for details.

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