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Northern Virginia Businesses Celebrate Trees!

All businesses are invited to participate in our community's native tree campaign.

Some ways smaller businesses can participate:

  • Put a 4" or 5" "Celebrate Trees" decal in your window. Email to request one be mailed.

  • Distribute 3" stickers to your customers and staff. We can mail those to you while supplies last, if you have a way to give them to people who are likely to use them.

  • Distribute tree campaign brochures.

  • Organize a promotion, such as a discount to people who bring you a photo of themselves rescuing or planting a tree this fall.

  • Plant a native tree on your property, and advertise what you are doing.

  • Post your support for Plant NOVA Trees on your social media or listserv.

  • Give copies of Native Plants for Northern Virginia to your clients (or sell them to your customers.) For orders of 10 or more, they only cost $4.00 each.

  • Participate as a group in one of the numerous volunteer events to rescue trees and control the invasive non-native plant species that are ruining our local ecosystem.

  • Apply for a permit and rescue trees in the roadside right of way owned by VDOT by clipping invasive vines at the base of the tree.

Celebrate Trees decal.jpg

Larger companies:


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