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Northern Virginia Businesses Celebrate Trees!

This fall marks the start of a five year regional native tree campaign across Northern Virginia. Businesses are invited to help by participating in the Celebration of Trees to remind everyone how much they love trees.

Some ways you can participate:

  • Put a 4" or 5" "Celebrate Trees" decal in your window. Email to request one be mailed.

  • Distribute 3" stickers to your customers and staff. We can mail those to you while supplies last, if you have a way to give them to people who are likely to use them.

  • Distribute tree campaign brochures.

  • Organize a promotion, such as a discount to people who bring you a photo of themselves rescuing or planting a tree this fall.

  • Plant a native tree on your property, and advertise what you are doing.

  • Post your support for Plant NOVA Trees on your social media or listserv.

Celebrate Trees decal.jpg
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