Campaign materials

We have ordered large stocks of these materials and are eager to distribute them! Let's plaster these all over Northern Virginia.

If you need larger quantities to give away at an event, please fill out this form and we'll arrange for you to get them.

Or course, they are not really "free" - funds for them came from donations from generous people. Please consider donating to the campaign to defray the costs or materials and other marketing expenses. All the labor for the campaign is from volunteers such as yourselves.

Stickers and brochures

One of our volunteers will mail them to you from their home.

Fill out this form.

Celebrate Trees removable sticker 3 inch.jpg

3" stickers;

5" static cling for store windows

Orange sticker.jpg

3" stickers


3" stickers

Rescuers brochure page 1.jpg

Coming soon - Spanish Tree Rescuers brochure


We will order these for you to pick up at your nearest Staples store.

Fill out this form

tabling sign jpg.jpg
tabling sign Spanish.jpg

17"x11" Laminated tabling signs

Fliers to print yourself at home

PNT flier.jpg

8.3"x11" Plant NOVA Trees flier

One or four per page

Coming soon -

Spanish version

Rescue Trees flier.jpg

Tree Rescuer volunteers flier

One or four per page

48x24" Banner

You'll have to get this one printed and paid for yourself. :)

PNT fancy banner 48x24.jpg

Native Plants for Northern Virginia guide

Order online, or pickup locations in each county. If you are giving them away for free, we will sell them to you for around the print cost.

Guide image.jpg

Signs for yards and trees

Order online or print at home

Green sign example.jpg
Native Plants at Work.jpg

Order your own bling

If you would just like some stuff for you or for gifts and not for distributing, check out our CafePress store.

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